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Services & Pricing

Resume, LinkedIn and Cover Letter Services

Packaged Services

Packaged services are a great fit if you are in an active job search and you want to refresh your application materials! You will save money and create a consistent message, look and feel.

Market Yourself 1

Valid for 3 months


4 sessions


The Top Tier Market Yourself Package includes 4 sessions:​

  • Session 1: Resume Rewrite

  • Session 2: LinkedIn Profile Review/Development

  • Session 3: LinkedIn for Networking Session

  • Session 4: Cover Letter

Market Yourself 2

Valid for 3 months


3 sessions


The Second Tier Market Yourself Package includes 3 sessions

  • Session 1: Resume Rewrite

  • Session 2: LinkedIn Profile Review/Development

  • Session 3: Cover Letter

Market Yourself 3

Valid for 3 months


2 sessions


The Third Tier Market Yourself Package includes 2 sessions

  • Session 1: Resume Critique

  • Session 2: Cover Letter


per package


per package


per package

Individual Services

If you're looking for one document or piece of your application materials, the below individual services will meet your goals.


per resume rewrite

Resume Rewrite


1 session, 60 minutes

If you want a hands off experience, this is for you! This service provides 2 rounds of revisions via email and a virtual session to review the draft version of your resume.

  • Receive an ATS friendly resume that is a unique design tailored to your industry and branded to your tone, style and expertise.

  • After filling out 1 worksheet where you share stories and skills, you can hand off your content and all of the bullet, summary and any other resume writing is taken care of for you. 

  • In our session we will review your resume draft. You will have the chance to share your insights on the style, design, font, color and content before receiving the final version.


per resume critique

Resume Critique


1 session, 30-45 minutes

This service provides a virtual critique to enhance your content and format!

  • Receive insights into best fit formats for your job search targets and experience.

  • Enhance your bullet and/or summary content.

  • Ensure the resume is ATS ready.

  • Receive an overall grammar, spelling and punctuation edit.


per LinkedIn critique

LinkedIn Profile Critique & Development


1 session, 30-45 minutes

  • Receive a critique of your profile which will include your headline, summary, and overview of content quality across your groups, interests, skills, recommendations, projects and more!

  • After the virtual session, you will receive 3-5 versions of a LinkedIn headline to choose from based on your goals.

  • You will also receive a LinkedIn summary draft that you can revise and integrate into your profile.


per cover letter

Cover Letter

1 session, 15 minutes


After purchasing this service you will receive a detailed email that will gather the information necessary to craft a unique cover letter including:

  • The  job description

  • Your resume

  • And a few additional details about why you're excited about the job and company


You will receive a draft via email allowing you the opportunity to share your comments and feedback, then you will receive a final version.

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