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"I had the pleasure of working with Vicky as I navigated a mid-career change.  This was a huge paradigm shift for me and Vicky provided invaluable support and guidance throughout the process, including assistance with resume writing, mock interviews, and skills and preference testing.  Her thorough approach gave me the confidence to make a change.


One of the things I appreciated the most was Vicky's personalize approach.  She took the time to understand my unique strengths, interests, needs, and goals tailoring advice and resources to help me achieve my desired career change goal . 


With Vicky's help, I was able to secure a new role that aligns with my values and passions.  I highly recommend Vicky to anyone who is looking to make a career change or simply explore new opportunities. She is knowledgeable, supportive, and truly invested in helping her clients succeed."

- Denise

"Working with Vicky was a big turning point for me in gaining confidence, self knowledge, and focus.  I feel really lucky to have been able to pivot and thrive.  My confidence continues to grow and I feel like I'm doing what I'm meant to be doing. I'm really grateful I worked with Vicky at a pivotal time in my career decision making process."

- Graham


"My work with Vicky really has changed my entire perspective on work. I was looking to make a transformational change in my career, and in Vicky I found a partner to lead me through that holistic process. Vicky helped me understand what actually drives me as a professional, and what kind of work will have the biggest impact in my life. That foundational level of career coaching helped me identify my next career move - the right one - and then we continued working together through resume support, interview prep, and salary negotiation. When the time came, I was able to clearly articulate my genuine excitement for the specific role I targeted thanks to that foundational work we did together - and I landed my ideal job! She has been an invaluable partner, and I emphatically recommend her to any professional unsure of their next step. You'll be glad you worked with her."

- Peter

"Vicky is the second career coach I have worked with, and the clear difference is she personalized the coaching to align with me.  After being laid off from a company I have worked with for 18 years, I was at an impasse in my career: Do I take the known road or dig deep and shift?  Although staying with what I knew was very tempting, I wanted the career change - the unchartered road.  New to today's way of recruiting, Vicky partnered with me to sort out next steps, asked important questions to keep me focused on my north star, provided tools to navigate job searching, branding + growing my mindset, propelling me get to the heart of my next career chapter.  She introduced me to some amazing people as part of my networking exercise, created a resume that I love, assisted me with cover letters, supported and guided me when I was overwhelmed by it all helping me stay on track.  I very much appreciate how she was a voice of reason and not judgement.  Soon enough she helped me review my offer for the position that is the first story in my new career!  I am very grateful to Vicky for her insights, humor, and proactiveness, shifting this nerve-wracking space into an exciting journey!"

- Paulomi

"I cannot thank Vicky enough for all of her help in the job search process! After clarifying my job targets, I partnered with Vicky on my search process, interview prep., resume rewrite and negotiation prep. I ended up landing a job thanks to all of our work together! I am also really grateful for her presence and approach in all of this. Vicky always brought a really optimistic and supportive attitude to our conversations. I walked away each time feeling so much more confident and hopeful about the process which was just as important as the tactical job search support. I cannot thank Vicky enough and I highly recommend her!"

- Chris

"Vicky really helped me clarify my career goals and supported my job search process through Resume, LinkedIn and Mock Interview services! I knew that I had the skills to pursue what I wanted to do with writing, but her expertise is what really gave me the push and polish I needed. Reevaluating my career direction was long overdue and I’m really glad I decided to invest in my career journey and work with Vicky!" 

- Rachel

"I partnered with Vicky on resume, cover letter, interview prep and salary negotiation. I can't thank her enough for all her support and mentorship over these few months. With her help, I successfully executed a search and have landed an exciting and challenging new role! I honestly could not have achieved this level of success without Vicky's stalwart support and expert guiding hand. I highly recommend her as a career coach!"

- Hiroyuki

"I landed a position at one of my target companies in my ideal industry! Vicky’s work on the resume gave me a boost in the application process and helped showcase my skill sets while targeting an industry shift. Vicky also coached me on networking, and ultimately learning how to properly network on LinkedIn truly made all the difference in my job search. I highly recommend partnering with Vicky if you’re in an active job search process!"

- Matt

"I worked with Vicky to evaluate a career pivot from a healthcare clinical role to a healthcare non-clinical role.  Her career evaluative knowledge and skills exceeded my expectations. She used comprehensive assessment tools which assessed me as a whole person and keenly identified career patterns to be sure career possibilities were well aligned with my skills/interests/values. She is energetic, passionate, organized, curious, and authentic.  She's definitely on my team and highly recommend her for your team!"

- Rob

"I partnered with Vicky to reaffirm the best-fit career for me. I wanted to know if I was on the right track for my career, and I wanted to learn about other careers that might also be a good fit that I never would've considered before. It was so helpful to have a career coach that guided me through the exploration and assessment process in a way that was supportive and thoughtful. Ultimately, I was able to identify the position that was right for me, and we then partnered on the resume, cover letter and LinkedIn profile-I got an interview right away! I now lean on Vicky throughout my job search process for any questions on follow-up, salary, job search strategies and market trends. Vicky has truly given me advice and direction that was spot on with what's happening in the job market, and I was very pleased with the outcome of our work!"

- Adam

"Vicky has done so much for me! It means so much to have someone like Vicky in my corner and looking out for my best, helping me get back on track, and see the glass half full. I greatly appreciate all of our work together, she has kept me at ease through the chaotic nature of the job search and now I look forward to my future career.”

- Aubrie

"Vicky was a huge help in finding the right path forward to me. I felt stuck in one career path that I wasn't sure would be a good fit long-term. Getting in touch with Vicky helped me to discover different roles, titles, and career paths that I wasn't aware of, and equipped me with all the tools I'll need to find the right fit for me. I feel really glad that I went ahead and signed up for her Career Clarity Package for Young Professionals, I left each session feeling more confident about the next steps, and have a renewed excitement to pursue whatever role comes next."

- Stephen


"Vicky is amazing to work with! When Vicky and I partnered I could tell she really cared with the amount of time and effort she put into our work together. She really helped me understand my strengths and market them, which I feel was truly instrumental in my clarity and job search process.  I'm excited to share that I accepted a new position and I'm more energized to join this team knowing that it aligns with what I need to find joy and energy at work." 

- Stacey

"Before working with Vicky I had a hard time explaining how my job translated to my job search targets on the resume! My position was very complex, and I really needed my leadership skills to shine through to align with the Executive Director roles I was targeting. After working on the resume with Vicky, I was able to land interviews at the organizations I applied to and the HR manager I met today literally said I have no questions about your resume, it makes sense to me. I feel more confident in my job search now that my resume truly supports my job search process instead of acting like a barrier."


"During our coaching work, Vicky’s insights were carefully crafted and thoughtfully communicated. I was impressed by her ability to find themes and make sense of my assessment exercises! I really appreciate the valuable feedback and direction she has provided, and I look forward to continuing the partnership as I transition from exploration to action."

- Andy

"As a career changer, I had a hard time articulating how my experience as a police officer would translate to a security and intelligence analyst in the corporate world. I hired Vicky to rewrite and design my resume and it made such a difference in my ability to communicate my value add-none of the recruiters or hiring managers I met had questions about how my background fit into the roles I was interviewing for. I recently accepted a job offer as a Data Center Security Manager and I know my resume played a big role in the process!"

- Dan

"Highly recommend Vicky for advice on evaluating new job opportunities and salary negotiations - she excels at helping clarify goals, weigh pros and cons, and consider next steps. When it was time to move forward with a salary negotiation, she helped me identify and organize my requests and refine my approach - when my negotiation was over I knew there was no dollar amount or benefit that I left on the table, thanks to our planning session. Can’t imagine doing a salary negotiation without her!"

- Dorise

"Being a young professional is like working in a vortex of uncertainty, confusion, and doubt (exaggeration but still). Especially when figuring out how to change sectors early on in my career. Working with Victoria not only gave me well needed direction but also reassurance that my goals were attainable with a bit of tweaking. Through 3 sessions we were able to pinpoint what I was interested in professionally and which interests aligned with my skill set. It was a good mix of research on my end and guidance on Victoria's end that led to an amazing resume and clarity. I will definitely work with Victoria again and will recommend any young professional to work with her also."

- Benedite

"I had a very positive experience with Victoria. She was highly involved throughout the whole process, with clear feedback and fantastic guidance during my interview process. She quickly understood my needs and helped me to establish the best route. Her enthusiasm and motivation approach makes the whole difference! She is extremely professional and I highly recommend her services."

- Juliane

"I struggled making the commitment to work with a career coach, but it was absolutely worth it. The accountability Vicky provided, as well as her strategy, focus, and insights were exactly what I needed. I did not have a clue how to make a career transition, but her process is refined and effective. I was at the very beginning stages and found working with Vicky really got me to the next step."

- Jessie

"Vicky was very helpful throughout our work together! I was feeling very stressed and uncertain, but now I'm feeling much more hopeful and excited for the future! I really appreciate all of her support, and I'll be reaching out again for a continued partnership in the future." 

- Jackie

"I truly can't thank Vicky enough for all her help and support. She has consistently gone above and beyond in our work together and made an unbelievable impact on me - I can't wait to start putting the plans we crafted into action!"

- Caitlyn

"Vicky really helped give me the guidance and space to be honest with myself in the exploration process and the resume was a culmination of everything we discussed. I really appreciated all that she did-what a great final result!"

- Eric

"I can't say enough about Vicky, she has been a pivotal piece in helping me navigate many aspects of my career, and I have continued to turn to her for advice well beyond graduating college. I had met previously with many career coaches, but after I met with Vicky, I made sure to exclusively go to her for all my career needs. Vicky helped me with everything from fine tuning my resume, practicing interviewing skills, and developing key areas to stand out as an applicant. On a broader level, Vicky constantly asked big picture questions to help me establish direction and focus for my career goals, and partnered with me in developing a strategy to achieve those goals. In addition, she provided great tools and a framework for how to think about my career in the short and long term.

"Vicky is an incredible partner to have, and her amazing gift as a career coach is fueled by her love and passion for career coaching and seeing the success of those she mentors. I recommend anyone to work with Vicky that is looking to partner with a talented, motivated, and caring career coach.”

- John

“Vicky was fantastic in helping me find clarity and direction in my job search while changing careers.  One thing I love about her it’s her patience, knowledge and resourcefulness. No matter how difficult the task, she was optimistic and realistic in her approaches to getting work.  At the end of the day she got to know me an as individual, pinpoint what my needs were, and I felt like I had found a friend in her as well.”

- Anakaren

“Vicky put a lot of time and work into supporting my job search process. It was certainly a pivotal time in my career and I cannot fully express in words how grateful I am that she took the time to give me thoughtful, tailored feedback that has really helped so far and will continue to do so in the future. The people in my Bay Area network, particularly a VP of HR, are very impressed with how my resume looks and the work that we did.”

- Evan

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