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Job Offers & Salary Negotiations 

​When you’re in an active job search it’s always a good idea to have your salary range established and your negotiation tactics prepared. 

Click here to schedule your 20-minute complimentary call if you have any questions about what will be covered in the session.


per session

Preparing for a Salary Negotiation


1 session, 30-45 minutes

In order to have a successful negotiation, you need to know how the market values your job target, what skills you ring to the table and how to approach a salary negotiation conversation. In this session we will discuss your specific negotiation priorities (from flexible work hours to bonus structure), we will benchmark your offer to identify a reasonable range (no money should get left on the table!) and we will walk through practice scenarios so you can practice how to conduct your negotiation.


Other take-away’s include:​

  • When to talk about salary in an interview.

  • How to deflect/manage the question in an interview process.

  • Understand your walk away point and how to stick to it!

  • Understand what’s negotiable and how to ask for it.


per session

Job Offer Review and Mock Negotiation


1 session, 30-45 minutes

Once you receive the actual offer, it’s time to review the comprehensive compensation package and conduct a mock negotiation. We will also take time to benchmark the offer and identify what your top compensation priorities are so we allocate your efforts appropriately. 


*If you need a session within 24 hours due to a tight timeline, email me your availability directly at and I will find time that aligns in your time frame for an additional $25 convenience charge.*

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