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Services & Pricing

General Career Coaching

If you want to cover many topics in one session, then a general coaching session is a great option! This session is also a great fit if you're in the process of making important career decisions like an internal career move or graduate school. We could also begin the career exploration process in this session. Click here to schedule your 20-minute complimentary call if you need help determining if this package is the best fit for you.


per 60-minute session

Career Coaching Session


1 session, 60 minutes

What to Expect

  • For a 60 minute career coaching session on any topic you can select this option. Vicky will follow up to confirm your goals for the meeting and she will send you any additional pre work that may be required to ensure your time is productive. 


per 30-minute session

Career Coaching Session 


1 session, 30 minutes

What to Expect

  • We can connect on any career topic! Some topics that work best in 30 minutes include:

    • Resume Critique​

    • Job Offer Review

    • Cover Letter Critique

    • Fine tune interview answers (delivery and content)

    • Job search audit (are you doing it right?)

    • Networking communications (how to reach out to cold contacts/how to follow up with any contacts including first degree connections and recruiters!)

    • Envisioning your next career move (explore career ideas)

    • Create a plan for your career change


4-30 Minute Sessions

Continued Support & Check-in’s | Previous Clients Only


4 sessions, 30 minutes each

What to Expect

  • If we’ve partnered on any previous services, from career clarity work to resume, you are eligible to purchase this package! To support a successful ongoing job search and exploration process, you can purchase this 4 session package for consistent check-in’s which will help you stay on track.

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